The Ontario Action Researcher

The OAR site is no longer in publication. We provide this record for archival purposes. Our new publication The Canadian Journal of Action Research is available at

The Ontario Action Researcher is a freely accessible, full-text, peer-reviewed electronic journal intended for elementary, secondary, and university teachers who are concerned with exploring the unity between educational research and practice. While our primary aim is to serve the needs of educators in Ontario, we welcome readership and submissions from elsewhere in Canada and the world.

To some, action research signifies individual, reflective practice; to others, group empowerment. Action researchers use it as a means of professional development, curriculum reform, and even democratic institutional change. Regardless of the reason, the shared goal of all these approaches would appear to be the mending of the rift between the researcher and the practitioner. Within this context, this journal strives to:

  • Publish accounts of a range of action research projects in education and across the professions with the aim of making their outcomes widely available, providing models of effective action research and enabling educators to share their experiences
  • Demonstrate connections between practice and theory through articles of a general nature on methodological and epistemological issues related to action research
  • Disseminate reviews of books, websites and products related to action research
  • And finally, to provide a forum for dialogue on the various action research projects that are taking place around the province