The Ontario Action Researcher

Volume 4- Number 2, 2001


V4.2E - Feedback and Feedforward to Improve Provincial Test Results - Cheryl Black and Jackie Delong, Editorial

The articles in this issue are part of the study conducted for the Education Quality and Accountability Office, a study to date not released by EQAO in its entirety – An Action Research Approach to Improving Student Learning Using Provincial Test Results. They are evidence of the growing sophistication of the practitioner researchers and the support systems in the Grand Erie District School Board that enable them.


V4.21 - Supporting Teachers By Listening and Learning: A Consultant's Action Research Project - Janet Rubas, Teacher Consultant, Grand Erie District School Board

The role of Teacher Consultant is one of influence rather than power. To be most effective in the role one must influence teachers to make changes to their own practice in order to improve learning for the students in the classroom. This study examines how one teacher consultant improved her performance by putting herself in, what Ruth Sutton calls, a “continuous feedback loop.” Through seeking feedback, listening to, recording, and reflecting on teachers’ concerns and ideas the teacher consultant was able to implement projects that supported both teacher and student learning. Through this study, the manner in which she does her job has changed for the better.

V4.22 - An Action Research Project: Improving Student Learning Through Corrective Action - Diane Clark, Grand Erie District School Board

The process of action research was new to me when I began this research in October of 1999. The EQAO results for the previous school year had just been released and, while pleased with the achievement levels of my Grade 6 students, I was quite surprised with the student attitudes component of the testing. I knew that the females in the class had achieved levels 3 and 4 in many of the math strands and on the EQAO assessment, but their attitudes towards math were very negative. Action research provided me the opportunity to delve further into the source of these attitudes and helped me to pinpoint areas requiring change in my classroom. It was a true learning experience for me!

V4.23 - How To Improve Student Performance With A Focus On Math By Fostering Positive Self-Esteem And Creating Awareness Of Gender Issues - Liana Thompson, Grand Erie District School Board

At the time I began action research, I was a 0.5 Grade 7 classroom teacher, teaching math, science, health, and art and 0.5 Learning Resource Teacher for the school. I enjoyed teaching my Grade 7 students, particularly mathematics. I found both the girls and boys worked hard to achieve good grades and the discussions during math period were equally dominated by the girls and the boys. For the most part, everyone seemed to express some interest in math. It came as a great surprise to me when reading the results of the EQAO provincial test scores that, although the girls had achieved more levels 3 and 4 than the boys in the mathematics subtest, the girls viewed themselves as weaker math students and displayed a general dislike of the subject overall. This discrepancy gave rise to my research, as I felt the need to develop strategies for both the boys and girls in my classroom that would foster a positive attitude towards math and develop confidence in their abilities to meet with success in this subject.

V4.24 - An Action Research Project on Improving Students' Written Communication, in Mathematics - George Neeb Grand Erie District School Board

As a result of the EQAO Provincial Assessment scores, I developed strategies to improve students’ written communication in mathematics at the Grade 6 level. Through action research conducted on my teaching practices, corrective action, including conferencing, models and checklists, and formative assessment, I assisted my students to improve their confidence and enthusiasm by improving their written communication in math. Students were taught self-assessment through Steps for Math Problem Solving to increase independence.