The Ontario Action Researcher

This section of the Ontario Action Researcher is designed as a forum for those involved in action research projects throughout the province to report on their progress to our readers. The Checkup is divided into four sections and looks at initiatives from different sectors of the educational system in Ontario:

  • The first looks at action research projects that have been initiated by school boards around the province. These will usually be reported by board-level research officers.
  • The second looks at projects that have been undertaken by individual schools or teachers within the school. These will usually be reported by principals, department heads or groups of teachers themselves.
  • The third type of report will be sent in from university- or college-based action research projects. In most instances, this will be reported by professors who discuss their students’ progress in a project, a joint undertaking done with other colleagues, or by a chair who describes a divisional project.
  • The fourth and final type of report can come from any other sector of the Ontario community. This may include private learning resource centres, public services (hospitals, fire departments), or any groups dealing with the issue of action research and training.

Entries can be a one-time discussion of your project or ongoing reports of action research in your area. They may be a mere paragraph or 1,000 words, and will be received by the editor at OAR does ask, however, that along with your submission, you indicate that all stakeholders mentioned have given permission to use their names.